Market Research

1. Market Research

The company provide a research in the following areas, mainly in the segment of industrial and agricultural markets (B2B):

  • Analysis of the company's current position in the market;
  • Determination of capacity and potential of the market;
  • Price analysis and pricing;
  • Assessment of the competitiveness of products and projects;
  • Analysis of the competitive environment;
  • Consumer research, evaluation of consumer preferences; 

The company provides a selection of an optimal set of methods depending on the purpose of the study:

  • collection and analysis of information from secondary sources, including Import and Export Analysis
  • the use of primary sources:
  • surveys and interviews (telephone and personal);
  • observations;
  • focus groups,
  • expert surveys and in-depth interviews;
  • analysis of assortment and retail prices (retail audit).

 A list of surveys:

  • Agriculture companies
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Others


2. Development of marketing strategy

The company's marketing strategy is developed by specialists of our company, according to the complex of factors such as the situation in the market, the impact of the external environment, the priorities of the company, the internal resources of the company, etc.

After collecting and analyzing the necessary data on the external and internal environment, our company works out a number of possible scenarios of strategic business development. Each scenario includes: customer segmentation, SWOT-analysis, the necessary core competencies of the company, risk analysis. For the most promising scenario is developed marketing strategy and a strategic plan for the transition to the chosen strategy.


3. Supporting foreign companies entering Russian markets and vice versa

Our company provides assistance to foreign companies entering Russian markets (or Russian companies expanding their business operations overseas) in the following ways:

  • diagnostics of the import and export potential of the company, the definition of the company's goals and objectives, assessment of readiness for the international trade;
  • choice of regional market;
  • market segmentation;
  • definition of the target consumer potential;
  • choice of distribution channels and the entry model to the market;
  • selection of strategic partners;
  • pricing and price formation;
  • administrative aspects (legal, financial, customs, certification);
  • development of recommendations for the conclusion of the enterprise to the Russian market, overcome barriers, to optimize costs of logistics;
  • development and implementation of the strategy of the company;
  • an action plan for the entering of products a foreign markets and its economic justification.

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