Agriconsult Group – economical, financial and marketing consultations for agricultural companies since 1994

Director of
LLC “Agriconsult”
Andrey Golokhvastov

Agriconsult Group includes LLC “Agriconsult” and LLC “Rusmarketconsulting”. We specialize in consulting services for organizations whose business is related to agriculture, food products, and agricultural infrastructure (equipment, machinery, materials etc.).

We have been operating since 1994 and annually we make up to 30 business plans and 20 market research studies, with over 1000 successfully completed projects.

The main advantage of our company is our narrow specialization and long- term experience in agriculture, so we are always able to offer you individual and highly expert solutions.

We participate as a speakers in international and local conferences and projects (Conferences and projects)


Market Research

The company provides research in the following areas, mainly in the segment of industrial and agricultural markets (B2B):

  • Analysis of the company's current position in the market;
  • Determination of capacity and potential of the market;
  • Price analysis and pricing;
  • Assessment of the competitiveness of products and projects;
  • Analysis of the competitive environment;
  • Consumer research, evaluation of consumer preferences;

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